8 Best Literary Festivals in the World for a Book Lover’s Bucket List

October 30, 2016 nsplays 0

There are many book-related events that are on bibliophiles’ radar. But some literary festivals are right on top of many book lovers’ list. Here are some of the best ones for the bucket list.

Tokyo International Literary Festival
2-6 March 2016 | Tokyo Japan
Why go: An annual literary festival that features local and international talents including some luminaries in today’s literary scene

Berlin International Literature Festival
7-17 September 2016 | Berlin, Germany
Why go: A ten-day literary festival featuring an extensive list of writers from around the world, showcases a wide array of events including book readings and more

Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn Book Festival

18 September 2016 | New York, USA
Why go: Brooklyn is home to several award-winning writers and its book festival is a massive event where writers from many countries gather

Vancouver International Writers Festival
17-23 October 2016 | Vancouver, Canada
Why go: World-renowned authors across the globe have been part of this annual event, several activities and events including a reading series held twice a month at the Vancouver Public Library

Miami Book Fair
13-20 November 2016 | Florida, USA
Why go: A literary gathering that draws book lovers from around the world featuring the Festival of Authors which serves as one of the event’s main highlights

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival
19-23 January 2017 | Jaipur, India
Why go: Zee Jaipur Literature Festival is touted as the “largest free literary festival on Earth” and features some of the biggest names in the literary world

Hay Festival


May 2017 | Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales, UK
Why go: A literature festival that draws hundreds of thousands of book enthusiasts from around the world; an intellectual gathering where various topics like education and politics among many others are discussed

Edinburgh International Book Festival
12-28 August 2017 | Edinburgh, Scotland
Why go: A UNESCO City of Literature, Edinburgh is also home to several literary attractions one of which is its annual international book festival; the literary festival features hundreds of bestselling authors and emerging literary talents