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10 Cities for Theatre Lovers

Anyone who is into theatrical performances would love to watch the greatest plays given the chance. And there is probably...

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10 Cities for Theatre Lovers

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Anyone who is into theatrical performances would love to watch the greatest plays given the chance. And there is probably no better time and place to do that but when traveling to cities that are veritable havens for theatre lovers. If you are into anything theatrical, here are some of the best places to visit and catch a live performance.

Athens, Greece
Why go here: The city is a bastion of classical theatre with drama tracing back to the ancient times. It is home to many ancient and modern day playwrights. Its ancient Greek theatres such as the Theatre of Dionysus and Odeon of Herodes Atticus serve as a testament to its deeply-rooted theatrical traditions. Athens also boasts of more than a hundred theatre stages where locals and visitors alike can watch and enjoy the performances they want to see.

Chicago, USA
Why go here: Theatre lovers will find a wide array of theatres to choose from when visiting the city. Chicago has a vibrant culture and theatre scene with venues like the Goodman, Chicago, and Victory Gardens Biograph theaters among many others.

London, UK
Why go here: London offers a wide array of choices for theatre enthusiasts. Top rated shows at the West End and the dramas featured at The Globe are just some of the extensive list of options for locals and tourists to choose from.

Milan, Italy
Why go here: Milan is home to numerous theatres and opera houses the most notable of which is the elegant and stunning La Scala. There is probably no better place to catch an opera performance but in this beautiful and culture-rich city.

Moscow, Russia
Why go here: Theatre fans will have no trouble finding something to watch when in Moscow. There are several theatres to choose from including the world-famous Bolshoi ballet.

Mumbai, India
Why go here: Mumbai’s art, culture, and entertainment scene makes it an excellent destination for anyone who appreciates a good performance. Attractions like Prithvi Theatre and Horniman Circle Garden that features are among the best places to visit if you want to catch a play.

New York, US
new york
Why go here: There are many good reasons to visit New York. The city is a treasure trove of musicals, plays, and a wide range of theatrical performances. But one word stands out for theatre enthusiasts around the world: Broadway.
Paris, France
Why go here: Theatres in the City of Light range from the classical and futuristic. It is also home to world-renowned theatres like the Opera Bastille, La Comedie-Francaise, and the Moulin Rouge.

Salzburg, Austria
Why go here: The birthplace of Mozart is brimming with cultural attractions. Some of the many points of interests theatre lovers can explore include the Salzburg County Theatre and the Salzburger.

Tokyo, Japan
Why go here: Japan has its own unique theatre traditions and Tokyo showcases most, if not all, of them. Popular and under the radar theatres offer a wide array of choices for anyone looking for a good show. Make sure to head to the traditional Kabuki theatre for a unique and spectacular performance.

The Importance Of Reading Books


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin

For some, reading books is something only done before taking an examination at school or at work. But for others, reading books is something done to fully experience life at its best.

That being said, here are some points on the importance of reading books:

It teaches us that anything is possible.

Whoever says you can’t go somewhere magical has probably never read about Harry Potter. Whoever says your best friend can’t be your great love has probably never read about Rosie and Alex. Whoever says another world exists in a wardrobe has probably never read about the Pevensies. You see, anything is possible when you read a book.

It makes us feel.

Some people are good at hiding their emotions. Other people, on another hand, are good at expressing their emotions. Either way, reading a book will make a person feel – not just happiness but also sadness, not just sadness but also anger, not just anger but also hope, not just hope but also courage. Simply put, it will be a rollercoaster of emotions when you read a book – only in a positive way.

It reminds us that writing is art.

There are many forms of art, but nothing compares to writing. You see, the art and craft of writing – or more specifically, the art and craft of fiction – is something done to express one’s heart, as well as tell stories that will both wrench and kindle the hearts of readers. Even more so, it’s something done to express one’s mind, as well as tell stories that will both defend and ignite the minds of readers.

For you, what’s the importance of reading books? Share your thoughts with us below!


Qualities Woodworking Artists Should Have


Ever wondered about the qualities a person should have to create masterpieces? Or more specifically, the qualities woodworking artists should have to create masterpieces – or like what The New Yankee Workshop’s Norm Abram and The Woodwright’s Shop’s Roy Underhill have achieved over the years.

Here are some of them:

Woodworking artists should have determination.

Before anything else, including creativity, woodworking artists should be determined enough to achieve their goals – not just in their careers, but also in other life aspects. They should be determined enough to overcome every challenge a woodworker have to face every single day, as well as to learn more about their craft – no matter how difficult it can be at times.

Woodworking artists should have patience.

Woodworking, just like any other craft, requires both time and effort. It also takes more than just learning about it to fully master it. Woodworking artists should be patient enough to learn more about their craft, even if it takes years of practice. They should also be patient enough with both themselves and with their mentors, even if their craft becomes a little frustrating sometimes.

Woodworking artists should be flexible.

The wood industry is not just limited to cutting trees. Hence, woodworking is not just limited to creating new things from wood. It even requires thorough planning– what materials should be used, what tools should be used, what equipment should be used (e.g. those seen in, and more. Even more so, it requires other skills like designing and carving.

Woodworking artists should be open-minded.

Woodworking artists should be open to learn more about their craft. They should also be open to improve more on their specialty, as well as to explore more on other specialties. Even more so, they should be open-minded about feedback – or even criticism – that comes with the art of woodworking, be it from their mentors or from their clients.

Most of all, woodworking artists should be passionate.

As Confucius said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This principle couldn’t be truer in woodworking. Hence, woodworking artists should be passionate enough to love what they do. They should also be passionate enough to rub off their feelings, their positive feelings, into their craft and make other people feel how they did while creating their masterpieces.

Do you know any other qualities woodworking artists should have? Share them with us on the comments section below!


8 Best Literary Festivals in the World for a Book Lover’s Bucket List


There are many book related events that are on bibliophiles’ radar. But some literary festivals are right on top of many book lovers’ list. Here are some of the best ones for the bucket list.

Tokyo International Literary Festival
2-6 March 2016 | Tokyo Japan
Why go: An annual literary festival that features local and international talents including some luminaries in today’s literary scene

Berlin International Literature Festival
7-17 September 2016 | Berlin, Germany
Why go: A ten-day literary festival featuring an extensive list of writers from around the world, showcases a wide array of events including book readings and more

Brooklyn Book Festival
18 September 2016 | New York, USA
Why go: Brooklyn is home to several award-winning writers and its book festival is a massive event where writers from many countries gather

Vancouver International Writers Festival
17-23 October 2016 | Vancouver, Canada
Why go: World-renowned authors across the globe have been part of this annual event, several activities and events including a reading series held twice a month at the Vancouver Public Library

Miami Book Fair
13-20 November 2016 | Florida, USA
Why go: A literary gathering that draws book lovers from around the world featuring the Festival of Authors which serves as one of the event’s main highlights

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival
19-23 January 2017 | Jaipur, India
Why go: Zee Jaipur Literature Festival is touted as the “largest free literary festival on Earth” and features some of the biggest names in the literary world

Hay Festival
May 2017 | Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales, UK
Why go: A literature festival that draws hundreds of thousands of book enthusiasts from around the world; an intellectual gathering where various topics like education and politics among many others are discussed

Edinburgh International Book Festival
12-28 August 2017 | Edinburgh, Scotland
Why go: A UNESCO City of Literature, Edinburgh is also home to several literary attractions one of which is its annual international book festival; the literary festival features hundreds of bestselling authors and emerging literary talents